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Add Pilates springs this Spring

Pilates Springs2

With winter definitely on the way out and the warmer weather upon us, it’s time to get that Queensland body back in shape again.   For those that don’t trust your bodies with an unforgiving gym program, Clinical Pilates is just right for you.

Clinical Pilates at QSMC is a tailored exercise program targeting core muscles and postural control.  In most cases, it can be commenced without a note from your Doctor, and our physiotherapy driven Pilates program allows you to feel confident to exercise without the risk of injury.

Physiotherapists Emma Polinelli, Mardi Watson, James Rees, and the latest addition to our team, Emma Trumble will assess your injury profile, start you on an individualised program, and assess your suitability to join one of our Pilates exercise classes.
To enquire about your Pilates program, go here, or call us on 3891 2000 for your first session.