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Out of the Lions den and into the Centre

Over the last 12 years one of QSMC’s Directors and Sports Physiotherapist Shane Lemcke has been at the Centre in a reduced capacity to enable him to work full-time with the Brisbane Lions. Particularly in the last 7 years as Medical Coordinator, Shane has had the opportunity to work with players and other practitioners on a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment of players at an elite level. At the end of the season Shane decided it was time to move on from the Lions to allow him more time to devote to his young family and share his experience with the staff here at QSMC. We are very excited to be getting his experience back on the treatment floor full-time as of November.

Shane is looking forward to getting back to the Centre to work with our exciting range of practitioners and reconnect with his clients. Shane will also have capacity to take on new clients and with his experience in working with athletes in a pressured environment to minimise the impact of injury.

We asked Shane to give some insight into working with the football team and how it differs from the QSMC treatment floor.

Firstly, welcome back! What made you decide to move on from the Brisbane Lions?
After 12 years working with the club I decided that it was time to step away from football and head back to the Centre. I have a young family now and it’s important that I devote some time to them, which is difficult to do when travelling with a football team. It was time for a change and I’m really looking forward to getting back to the Centre environment.

What is the best thing about working with a football team such as the Brisbane Lions?
For me it’s about the relationships that have been built over a long period of time. Even though we didn’t always achieve the win, it doesn’t take away from being part of a team and working together for a common goal. Watching players develop and improve is really exciting to be able to contribute to their growth and development as an individual and an athlete is extremely fulfilling.

What are the main differences when treating athletes?
You get to have access to them, essentially full-time. The treatment that you are providing to them can be as often as required and the approach is a collaborative multi-disciplinary treatment plan to get the best outcome for the player. You find yourself working with a strong team of experts daily, coordinating treatment in the gym and taking them right through to running onto the field for a game.

What do you feel you have gained as a Sports Physiotherapist?
Definitely the experience of managing injury. For an athlete you want to minimise the impact that injury has on their ability to play and maximise the outcome to get them back to playing as quickly and safely as possible. It’s a pressured environment and makes you a better practitioner for it. I’m looking forward to working with clients and developing strong injury management plans from my experience with the Lions to get them back to their sport or activity of choice.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to coming back to at QSMC?
I think at QSMC we have such an exciting range of practitioners which such vast experience. I have been at the Centre in a somewhat part-time capacity for the last few years, focusing more on the management side of things and have seen the Centre go from strength to strength within our team. I’m looking forward to getting back to the floor full-time and working with all of that great experience as well as getting to contribute. Mostly I’m looking forward to reconnecting with previous clients and building relationships with new clients to work on the most effective treatment plan for them.

Everyone at QSMC is really looking forward to having Shane back full-time and treating as of November. If you are looking for a high quality injury management plan, book an appointment with Shane by contacting the Centre reception on 07 3891 2000.


Return from Rio Olympics

Want to be treated like an Olympic medalist? Fresh from his stint at Medical Headquarters for newsletter-pic_ivanthe Australian team at the Olympics, Ivan Hooper is back treating clients at QSMC.

Those who know Ivan will recognise that he is no stranger to Olympic teams having made Rio his fifth berth.  Previously with Kayaking and Rowing, Ivan has been a fixture in every Australian Olympic team since Sydney 2000.  This makes Ivan among the most experienced Olympic physiotherapists in the country.

Ivan has just reopened his schedule on return to QSMC and while he is still juggling commitments to Australia’s Olympic sport program, he is available for consultations Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Call our reception on 3891 2000 and book an appointment.

Running Assessments with Dolph Francis

With summer well on the way many of us will dust off the running shoes and start hitting the pavement to try and get fit after the winter hibernation. At QSMC we know that in the eagerness to get stuck into it, you can often run into injury trouble by going too hard too early. Injuries such as shin splints, Achilles tendinopathy, anterior knee pain and plantar fascia are all common running injuries that we see as people get back into the swing of things.

In addition to how quickly the volume of running is increased, your running technique can also play a role in the development of injuries. How your foot interacts with the ground, how good your muscle control is around your hip as well as other factors can be critical in making your running technique more efficient, and decreasing your risk of injury. QSMC is fortunate to have a number of physiotherapists with experience in treating runners over a long period. Dolph Francis, an ex-elite runner in his own right, has a specific interest in running mechanics and has helped many runners around Brisbane with his running analysis and technique correction work.

Do you feel that your running technique might be a playing a role in your injury? Is your technique limiting the amount of running you can achieve? If yes, then a running assessment with Dolph may be the answer for you. Don’t let injury get in the way of your running goals this summer, book your running assessment with Dolph. Contact reception on 07 3891 2000.