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Winter is coming:  Go Skiing

Winter is Coming700Love skiing and addicted to Game of Thrones?

Trying to decide whether to hang up the skis and just binge on life in Westeros?  Let’s face it.  Game of Thrones is a lot like skiing.  Lots of bumps that offers some exhilarating moments but is, all in all, pretty downhill.  We all love the Snow: Jon Snow.  

So while we’re waiting for him to be re-incarnated, here’s some good news to cheer you up.  In the largest study of it’s type of all time, a March 2016 review of the careers of elite skiers found some surprising news:

Elite Skiers who injured their Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL):

  • All returned to skiing
  • Had longer careers than their injury free competitors and
  • Performed better than uninjured skiers over the remainder of their career.

You heard it correctly.   This article from the March 2016 American Journal of Sports Medicine studied professional skiers from 1980 – 2013 and split them into two groups; those that ruptured their ACL and those that did not.

Not only did the ACL damaged group all return to professional skiing, they ended up having longer careers.  They also made the podium at World Cup, World Championships, and Olympic Games more often (12.8% or  61 / 477) than their ACL intact colleagues (8.3% or 27 / 329).

This flies in the face of the historical wisdom that injuring your  ACL is a performance killing and ultimately career ending event.

Bring back Jon Snow?  Who needs him?  We’re going to the gym to get ready for the slopes.  For more information on this study and how it can affect your return to the slopes, contact our resident shredder and GoT addict James Rees.

Remember.  Winter is Coming