Osteopathy has a professional focus on conditions affecting the neuromusculoskeletal system and the management of pain.

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment are based on the four fundamental principles of Osteopathy:

  • – The body is considered one unit of function, made up of mind, body & spirit.
  • – The body has self-regulating mechanisms. It is capable of repair and remodeling.
  • – Structure and function are reciprocally inter-related.
  • – Therapeutic management and treatment are based on the understanding of these principles.

How can Osteopathy help me?

Osteopathy aims to identify the underlying cause of signs and symptoms of pain and dysfunction. Osteopaths specialize predominantly in spinal and pelvic maintenance (headaches, whiplash, upper/lower back pain, sciatica), however, its holistic nature addresses all contributing factors.

Treatment is only the first stage of recovery. Your Osteopath will also help to identify contributing factors and strategies to help prevent future occurrence of your pain.

What can I expect in my first Osteopathic appointment?

During your first consultation your osteopath will ask questions about your problem and symptoms, including taking a detailed medical history. Next, your osteopath will conduct a full osteopathic examination and if necessary, clinical tests. This may involve diagnostic, orthopedic or neurological tests, postural assessments and activities or exercises, which will help determine how best to manage your condition. As osteopathy takes a holistic approach to treatment, your practitioner may look at other parts of your body, as well as the area that is troubling you. For example, if you have a sore knee, your osteopath may also look at your ankle, pelvis and back.

What will the Osteopathy treatments involve?

Osteopathic treatment is predominantly hands on manual therapy that can include soft tissue massage and stretching, Muscle Energy Technique, joint mobilization and/or manipulation, myofascial release, visceral mobilization and dry needling.

Can I claim Osteopathy on my private health insurance?

Many private health insurance schemes give benefits for Osteopathic treatment, however each health insurance provider is different. If you are unsure contact your insurance company for a breakdown of your entitlements.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

Osteopaths are recognized as a primary health care practitioner, so a GP referral is not required.

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