Sport Psychology

Sport psychology at Queensland Sports Medicine Centre is for people who want to improve their performance in sport, performing arts, work, or study.


How does Sport Psychology help my performance?

Performance at any level is determined by a variety of factors including physical, technical, tactical and mental skills.

Many people spend enormous amounts of time and energy physically training in an attempt to perform well, and don’t understand why they don’t attain quite the results they desired.

One common reason is that the mental preparation for performance is not geared for optimal results in the same way the physical or technical sides have been prepared. Yet the brain and its mental skills are trainable in much the same way as physical and technical skills are trainable and that is where a sport psychologist can help you.

What does a Sport Psychology consultation involve?

The first thing to remember is that everyone is different, so the first consultation is really about gathering background information and determining your goals. This helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in your mental approach, and thereby develop a plan outlining how best to develop the skills, combined with training to best achieve your goals.

Some of the skills that are commonly worked on include goal setting, relaxation, concentration, mindfulness, emotional control, resilience, and confidence.

Can Sport Psychology help me if I already perform at a high level?

Most effective performers are able to refine their mental approach to gain optimal performance.

Can I claim Sport Psychology on my private medical insurance?

Some private health insurance schemes give benefits for psychological consultations with a sport psychologist. Reimbursement will depend on the insurer and the plan you have chosen.


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