Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.


How is a Sports Physician different to a GP?

A Sports Physician is someone who is qualified as a regular GP, and has then done extensive additional training in the area of Sports Medicine. Your Sports Physician can therefore work as a GP, but they tend to do less of this and more specific practice dealing with sports injuries.

When should I see a Sports Physician?

Your Sports Physician can help you with any of your sporting injuries and/or sporting medical problems. You may have just sustained an injury and require an accurate diagnosis, or have an overuse injury that needs to be properly managed.

If you think your problem may require investigation such as X-rays, scans, blood analysis, or you are unsure of your diagnosis, a Sports Physician may assist.

Your Sports Physician may assist in diagnosing any long standing issues and direct future management.

Will I need to see anyone else?

Your Sports Physician may need to refer you to any of a number of people. If your problem requires investigation, a surgical opinion, a Physiotherapist or any other discipline your Sports Physician will direct you appropriately.

Does Medicare cover my consultation?

Yes. Consultations receive the same level of Medicare rebate as a regular GP consultation.


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