Hand and Upper Limb Therapy

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Hand and upper limb therapy is a specialised area focussed on the management of injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder. These may include sports injuries, over-use conditions, fractures, tendon injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, nerve injuries and arthritis among others. Recognition as a hand therapist by the Australian Hand Therapy Association is de-pendent on both clinical experience and continued education through courses, conferences and independent study.

Hand and upper limb therapy encompasses:

  • assessment of injury, disease or deformity (including referral for investigations and/or   referral to medical specialists where required);
  • fabrication of custom made splints or braces from materials such as thermoplastic and neoprene;
  • manual therapy (including massage, joint mobilisation and stretches);
  • exercise prescription;
  • return to work or sport preparation and guidance;
  • wound care (dressing changes, removal of stitches);
  • scar management;
  • advice and education regarding joint protection for conditions such as arthritis; and
  • assessment and management of sensory dysfunction.

Queensland Sports Medicine Centre provides a coordinated hand and upper limb service with col-laboration between our hand therapist, our visiting hand and upper limb surgeon, visiting sports phy-sicians, exercise physiologists and others to ensure comprehensive, individualised treatment is pro-vided to our clients. We also welcome clients who are under the care of other specialists or their GP and we are able to liaise with these or other involved parties such as sports coaches, personal trainers and insurers (including Workcover Queensland).


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