Pilates at qsmc

QSMC are continually striving to achieve an industry leading clinical service for our valued clients. Over a period we have reviewed our Pilates program and have made updates to the physical environment, equipment and internal structures. As part of this process we wish to announce a change of name to more accurately depict the objectives of the QSMC Pilates service.

We are excited to reveal Movement Conditioning and Pilates as the new name.

We are fortunate to have staff with enormous clinical experience.They are renowned across Brisbane for their ability to integrate their physiotherapy skills to enhance the movement retraining goals for clients. After much collaboration, we feel Movement Conditioning and Pilates is the ideal improved service name to reflect this.

Efficient hip, pelvic and trunk control will remain the primary focus of the team. It is crucial to achieve this balance to promote musculoskeletal health and strength, both key ingredients to pain-free living.

Irrespective of whether we are young, old, male, female, elite athletes or weekend warriors, our pelvic floor muscle group is one of the key areas.  One of the important functions of pelvic floor muscles is to control any increase in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). IAP increases occur often through the day including coughing, walking up stairs, running, jumping and especially when performing your favourite abdominal curl or plank exercise at the gym. Unfortunately 30 % of us don’t coordinate our pelvic floor muscle group well enough to counteract increases in IAP. (2003,Bo et al.) This has been proven to contribute to developing lower back pain especially with any inefficient performance of movement patterning. Our Physiotherapists are able to use Trans-abdominal Real-Time Ultrasound to assess and re-teach this coordination.

As part of improving clinical service for our clients the Movement Conditioning and Pilates program has developed a comprehensive power point program. Your individual program tailored to your needs is sent straight to your email address. This service is available now and is especially important for those clients who have not attended recently. We would encourage you to take advantage of receiving this great cyber tool to get you motivated and back on the conditioning track.

We appreciate your ongoing support of the Queensland Sports Medicine Center and look forward to further advancements to our clinical service to improve your function.

Kind Regards,
The Movement Conditioning and Pilates Team.