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The demands of competition and skill based training on a young athlete are growing each year. It’s not unusual to hear of a 14-year-old playing multiple sports, training every day and competing on both Saturdays and Sundays, all year round. 

While it is great to see our youth so physically active, it doesn’t come without consequences if they’re not exposed to the necessary guidance in their athletic development. Often the training that young people undertake is solely focused on the skill and fitness necessary to the sport and not the foundation movements that can set them up for lifelong involvement in sport. The lack of exposure to the right strength training and movement development, means youth athletes may not be able to optimise their performance, be exposed to a greater risk of injury and have a higher risk of burning out.

QSMC’s Youth Athletic Development Program has been designed specifically to fill this void and provide a platform for young athletes to help reach their full potential. It is not just about setting them on a path to potentially become great athletes in the future, but more so about teaching them to develop the skills and attributes to stay in sport for a long time and grow into the complete athlete.

All athletes will undergo testing and screening protocols and will follow an individualised and periodised training plan that is supervised by our expert Exercise Physiologists.

The training program will look to enhance:

  • Movement efficiency and competency
  • Strength
  • Power Output and Landing Mechanics
  • Speed and Agility
  • Mobility

Each athlete will also be provided with a high level of continuing education surrounding exercise technique and correct training practices in the gym. This will allow the athletes to gather all the information they need to help reach their potential.


What happens after the 8 week block?

The Youth Athletic Development Program is usually run year round in 8-week blocks, however due to COVID-19 restrictions, the program is only now restarting. Ideally, the program will continue into the new year with the appropriate restrictions in place, however we will communicate via QSMC’s official channels when the next program is confirmed. For an athlete to continue to develop, it is recommended that multiple 8-week blocks are undertaken in order to see maximal progression.

How many athletes will be in a group?

The groups will be limited to 6 athletes. Which allows for great coaching exposure and individual guidance.

Do I need to have experience in the gym?

Definitely not. This program is designed to give anyone the tools to progress in their athletic development.

When are the sessions scheduled? 

The sessions are run from 4-5pm on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 

What is the cost involved?

The cost for an eight week block of 2 classes per week (Tuesday & Thursday) is $560.

The cost for an eight week block of 1 class per week (Tuesday OR Thursday) is $280.

This equates to $35 a session.

How old does a Youth Athlete need to be in order to participate in this program?

The program is open to ages 13 to 17.

Our new block will commence from Tuesday, 13th of October. For more information, please contact our friendly reception team on (07) 3891 2000 or email reception@qsmc.net.au.

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