Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Alannah Mathews

Alannah is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who graduated with a Bachelor in Exercise Physiology at QUT. During her studies, Alannah developed her expertise through practical work with a variety of clients focusing on areas such as injury prevention, rehabilitation, and managing chronic diseases and neurological conditions

Alannah has a unique journey as a Rhythmic Gymnast, having competed in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Through this journey, Alannah has navigated numerous injuries, gaining insights into high-level performance and injury management. This firsthand experience has deepened her understanding of the positive impact that exercise can have on physical well-being.

With a comprehensive understanding of fitness, exercise, and health from both academic and lived-in perspectives, Alannah is well-equipped to empower clients toward their fitness goals. She is committed to providing high-quality, personalised care to each client, tailoring their programs to suit their individual needs.

Get To Know Alannah

Lower back pain and sporting injury rehabilitation 
Pilates Instructor 
Heading to the coast with a group of friends, catching up with family, or enjoying a Sunday reset
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 

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Alannah is available at our Woolloongabba and Bowen Hills facility. To book with Alannah click book now and select Exercise Physiologist from the list on our Booking System.  

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