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Information to patients on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

QSMC would like to advise all of our patients, the measures we have in place in an attempt to limit transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
As you may be aware there has been a government directive for all gyms and indoor sporting facilities to shut down their operations, effective midday today.

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Safe Return to Activity

QSMC want you to understand how to return to your sport or chosen activity after COVID-19 restrictions, safely. Check out some of our advice here on how to reduce your risk of injury. For more specific advice why not book an appointment with one of our Physios or EPs to get an individualised program tailored to suit your lifestyle and goals.

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Getting to know ‘The Golf Athlete’

Our very own Physiotherapist, Jacinta Carroll was nominated for the Courier-Mail Channel 7 Queensland Sport Star of the Year award! Jacinta is the 2019 Water Ski World Jump Champion who equalled the current world record of 60.3 metres in May. This outstanding jump made Jacinta become the first female to jump 60 metres!

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QSMC is expanding to Bowen Hills

We are thrilled to announce that QSMC will be opening an additional clinic on Brisbane’s northside. Our new clinic will be located in a brand new specialist medical centre in Bowen Hills. This centre is in a fantastic central location with plenty of parking available and is also home to other medical specialists Briz Brain & Spine, Queensland X-Ray and more!

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Inside the Brisbane Lions Den

We are lucky enough to have Brisbane Lions Physiotherapist, Luke Licht, give us an incredible insight into what it is like inside the Lions’ headquarters during the 2019 AFL Finals Series. Luke got his opportunity at the Lions whilst working as a physiotherapist at QSMC and has been working with the team for the past 6 seasons.

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Is Your Running Shoe Busted?

With the running calendar beginning to heat up, and the Bridge to Brisbane just around the corner, it is important to take a moment to check the condition of our shoes. Due to the great differences in human physique (height, weight, bone structure, & flexibility), and running technique (fore/mid/rear foot strike) it is impossible to give a ‘one size fits all’ indication that your shoes are past their best.

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That Damn Pebble: Mentally Preparing for the Bridge to Brisbane

Runners often prepare to a high level with their physical fitness, often developing training routines, such as the one my colleague Joshua McCabe suggested. However, often the mental side of preparation gets left out. Mental preparation, alongside your physical preparation, will give you the best shot at achieving your goal, no matter what it is.

Cartons of blueberries

3 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas

Scouring the supermarket for quality products can sometimes be a full-time job. Our clients are constantly asking for new options for quality snack foods that are convenient, yet healthy. We put out detective dietitians to work to find some of the most nutritious food options to look out for, and to help take the hard work out of shopping for you. 

Marguerite King adjusting the rowing machine while giving advice to a QSMC client

Rowing Assessments at QSMC

Do you ever struggle to straighten up after you get out of the boat at the end of a session? Do you find that you have forearm issues going between sweep and sculling? These are some very common rowing related musculoskeletal issues which an APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist can help solve…

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How To Stay Injury-Free This Ski Season

Whether you’re into skiing or snowboarding, nothing ruins a much-anticipated (and expensive) snow holiday more than being forced off the slope through injury. Get geared up for your next ski season by learning some useful exercises to prepare your body for the snow!

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