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Exercise Physiologists are university qualified health professionals that have studied the human body. They’re dedicated to helping restore and improve the health of clients. They design and prescribe specific, evidence-based exercise programs. These programs aid in the rehabilitation process and can bring relief from pain and discomfort. They also assist with the prevention and management of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions.

Exercise Physiologists treat clients who suffer from medical conditions and injuries such as:

Senior Exercise Physiologist Molly Shevill giving instructions to a QSMC client during an EP appointment
A QSMC client during an Exercise Physiology appointment performing lunges with a dumbbell weight

Refined and holistic treatment strategies

Your Exercise Physiology treatment will depend on your individual needs and capabilities. Besides treating injury and chronic conditions, we also help regain or improve body function and movement.

Our Brisbane Exercise Physiologists provide behavioural coaching, health education, exercise counselling, and physical rehabilitation. 

Regular exercise can make a significant improvement in mental health issues. It helps ease anxiety, improve mood, gain confidence, increase social interaction, and preoccupies the mind.

Rehabilitation is the process of reducing pain and regaining functionality after suffering from an injury, illness, or operation. 

Generally, your Exercise Physiology sessions and home-based programs can compromise of the following:

Achieve the most out of your body

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists work with clients of all abilities. We provide education, support, advice and a tailored exercise-based program to achieve the most out of your body.

What to expect in your first appointment

Our Brisbane Exercise Physiology appointments generally start by getting to know you. We’ll ask questions to understand your current health and physical capabilities. It’s also important for us to know your previous exercise history. 

Our goal is to get you back to the things you love, meaning we want to know your health and exercise goals. This helps us to create an achievable treatment plan that is in line with your objectives. Your Exercise Physiologist will discuss with you in detail your treatment plan. They’ll also explain how to execute your exercises and at what intensity and frequency they should be done.

Supervision in our gym by your Exercise Physiologist ensures you’re using correct techniques. It also allows for modifications and progression to your exercise plan. The number of times you should come in for an appointment depends on your condition and goals. Your Exercise Physiologist will recommend how often you should be coming in.

Senior Exercise Physiologist Adam Garred supervising a client on a bike during an EP appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Exercise Physiologists are not personal trainers. They specialise in exercise therapy and lifestyle modifications. Their main client based is those affected by injury, chronic conditions, and mental health issues. They are allied-health professionals that have undertaken a 4-year university degree. In contrast, personal trainers are qualified to design and deliver fitness programs. A personal fitness trainer qualification can be completed in less than 6 weeks of training.

Exercise Physiologists specialise in helping clients by prescribing exercise-based programs. Physiotherapists use their knowledge of the human body to assess, diagnose, and treat conditions.

No, you do not need a referral from your GP to see one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists. Anyone can access Exercise Physiology services.

The number of sessions you will need depends on your condition. Your practitioner will discuss your ongoing treatment during your appointment. 

Your treatment plan will likely include a home-based exercise program. Its purpose is to accelerate your progress inline with your gym-based program. This helps to achieve your goals in the shortest and safest way possible. 

Your session will involve some physical activity. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. We also suggest bringing a water bottle and a towel. 

Yes it can. Depending on the nature of your surgery, Exercise Physiology can help in many ways. Before undergoing surgery, we can guide you through a program to strengthen the muscles around the problematic joint. This helps improve the muscular support given to the joint and has positive effects on recovery post-surgery. 

Book an Exercise Physiology Appointment

To book in with one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists please contact us on the details below. You can also book online now or send us a message via our form. 

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We track your progress using world-leading technology

Our Testing Centre is powered by VALD Performance products. We can compare the strength on each side of your body, how you load and distribute force, and use the immediate quantitative results to create the most effective treatment program and track your improvements.

Meet Our Exercise Physiologists

Headshot of Senior Exercise Physiologist Adam Garred

Adam Garred

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Headshot of Senior Exercise Physiologist Deb Pickersgill

Deb Pickersgill

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Headshot of Senior Exercise Physiologist Molly Shevill

Molly Shevill

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Headshot photograph of Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Mitchell Robinson

Mitch Robinson

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Headshot of Exercise Physiologist Jenai Sutton

Jenai Sutton

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physiologist Stef Court helping a QSMC client

Stef Court

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Headshot of Accredited Exercise Physiologist Edward Hess

Eddie Hess

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Headshot photo of Connor Bloss, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Connor Bloss

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

A picture of Toby Edmanson who is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at QSMC

Toby Edmanson

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Headshot of Matt Crear an Exercise Physiologist at QSMC

Matt Crear

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

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