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For some, starting a fitness journey can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. No matter your fitness history, level, skills or abilities, we’re dedicated to helping all. At our QSMC Woolloongabba Gym, we offer both group and one on one training classes and sessions. We have a variety of group classes available to meet the dynamic needs of our community. In addition to all-inclusive fitness classes, we also have women-only sessions through the week.

We also offer one on one personal training sessions. Depending on your fitness goals and needs, your one on one sessions can include a mix of boxing, strength, cross and cardio training methods.

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We understand that choosing a new gym is no easy decision – you want to make the right choice. We welcome anyone to come and try one of our group classes, just let us know!

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Our group boxing classes are sure to get every limb burning. With every strike, you’ll feel stronger and more confident. We also won’t deny that it feels good to punch out any frustrations or stress that you’re dealing with. Take your mind off reality and focus on technique, power and having fun. It’s a great activity that helps build your fitness levels and general muscle strength.

Cross Training

And no, we aren’t talking about an actual cross-trainer. Cross-training refers to comprising several different training routines to develop specific fitness components. Think of it as a full-body workout . You’re combining cardio and strength training for multiple parts of your body.

Strength Training

Involving weights, strength training is about building and strengthening your muscles. Our fitness professionals will guide you through how to benefit the most from your strength training class. Strength training generally involves resistance (the weight), repetition and recovery. Burn fat, increase power and build muscle and bone strength with our group strength training classes.

Cardio Training

Cardiovascular training, also known as aerobic training, is a form of exercise that elevates your heart and breathing rate. Cardiovascular training keeps your heart healthy. Consistent cardio exercise can improve the function of your heart and help reduce the risk of heart disease.

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If you would like to book in to one of our group fitness classes, or a one on one personal training session, please contact us. We can be reached on the information below, or alternatively leave your details in our form and we’ll be in touch.

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Corporate Fitness Programs

Awareness and popularity of healthy workplaces is on the rise. Employers are beginning to prioritise the need for their workers to have a balanced work and active lifestyle. An increase in activity and exercise has proven to contribute to more productive and efficient workers. At our QSMC Gym, we offer private corporate work out classes. Bring in your team for a ‘before the workday starts’ or lunchtime gym session. If you’re interested in prices or learning more about our corporate classes, contact our team today.  

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