Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Huw Darnell

Huw is a Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning specialist. He has both a Masters degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Bachelors degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Queensland. 

He thoroughly enjoys helping athletes reach their potential across all levels of sport; ranging from amateur representatives to elite athletes at national and international level within a number of different sports including AFL, rowing, rugby union, rugby league. touch football, swimming, soccer, cricket, archery, fencing, gymnastics, cycling, circus and Crossfit.

Huw specialises in delivering rehabilitation services to athletes post-surgical intervention with a focus on return to high level sporting performance. He believes in using rehabilitation as an opportunity to build athletic capacity, focus on improving weaknesses and returning a better athlete. This includes working with athletes in the mid to late stage rehabilitation process providing a collaborative approach by integrating with doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and other allied health care professionals for the best outcome possible.

Huw also is a health consultant for Sano Health providing health, wellness and injury prevention services to Capricorn Copper mine. This includes monthly health and wellness presentations to 70+ staff members, one-on-one rehabilitation plans, health coaching and ergonomic workplace assessments. He also strongly believes in practicing what you preach living by a holistic approach to health and performance focusing on four main elements of Movement, Nutrition, Recovery and Mindset.

Involvement with Sports Include: 

  • Norths Devils RLFC
  • Brisbane Lions AFL 
  • Qld Reds Academy
  • UQ Sport Academy – Rowing, Swimming, Wheelchair Rugby 
  • Qld Samoa Rubgy Union

Get To Know Huw

Sports related injuries, overuse injuries, anything knee or shoulder related.

Soccer Referree

Surfing and spending time with family
Anytime I have an athlete competing I getting very invested in their performance.
Generally though I love all sports and will pretty much watch anything. If I had to pick one, surfing/skating or another extreme sport.
Now – surfing, gym, triathlon.
Growing up – swimming, waterpolo, soccer, surfing, rowing, cricket
Stay in the arctic circle and see the Northern lights
I really love to eat baked bone marrow on sourdough.
  • Every time a client has a big ah ha moment, every client that has successful treatment process.
  • Helping people overcome years of injury/niggles to get back to what they love.
  • Working for a professional sports team
  • Becoming a lecturer for Masters students

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