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Inside the Brisbane Lions Den

Inside the Brisbane Lions

With Physiotherapist, Luke Licht

We are lucky enough to have Brisbane Lions Physiotherapist, Luke Licht, give us an incredible insight into what it is like inside the Lions’ headquarters during the 2019 AFL Finals Series. Luke got his opportunity at the Lions whilst working as a physiotherapist at QSMC and has been working with the team for the past 6 seasons. With AFL Finals Series upon us, here’s a snapshot of what a week looks like for the Brisbane Lions, as seen through a physio’s lens! 


The week starts just as any other, with a light session on Monday afternoon followed by a team meeting. 

At this time, the high performance department develops a plan for the week for each player, to ensure they get through to game day and are in the best shape. 

The feeling in the club is one of anticipation and excitement. However, from inside the Lions Den, this feeling has been there for the entire year and it largely feels just like any other day.  

After Senior Coach Chris Fagan speaks with the players in their Monday meeting, their first day is done. 


Tuesday sees the first training session of the week, with a skills session lasting around 45 minutes in the morning followed by a gym session in the afternoon. During the gym session, players will filter through the physiotherapy area if they need to be seen for any bumps and bruises.


On Wednesdays, the players enjoy a relaxing day off. Some players hit the golf course, while others head down south to enjoy some of the early springtime southeast Queensland weather.


Thursday sees training ramp up, with our main training session in the morning. There is a little more contested work in this session and it usually lasts for around an hour. You’ll see the physios hanging around each drill to ensure everything is running smoothly from an injury point of view, largely in the background and hopefully not needed. After the session is completed, the players will grab some lunch and get ready for their second gym session. 


Friday starts with a relatively light session, The Captain’s Run. This is usually an open session where fans can come in and watch their final run around up before the big game.

Game Day

On game day, as a physio, we will aim to get into the club about half an hour before the players, to help prepare for the game ahead. During the game, two physiotherapists will sit on the bench aiding where needed if an injury arises, which fingers crossed, does not occur!  

With a youthful and exciting group of players, this Brisbane Lions AFL Finals Series, is sure to be one to watch!

The Brisbane Lions take on the GWS Giants in the Semi Finals this Saturday the 14th of September at 7:25pm right here at the Gabba Stadium.

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