Jacinta Carroll

Jacinta graduated with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science in 2014 and went on to complete her Masters in Physiotherapy studies at the University of Queensland in 2017.
She is a three time world champion in long distance Water Ski jumping and current world record holder. Second to this Jacinta is National Champion in Olympic Weightlifitng. From this she has gained a strong appreciation for the stress associated with high level sports. She is the captain and Physiotherapist for the Australian Waterskiing team. In 2018 she was the head Physiotherapist at Broadbeach Cats AFL. She has also started working with the Lions Academy this year.

Jacinta has a strong interest in AFL, Weightlifting, Waterskiing, CrossFit and F45 and is especially interested in exercise based rehabilitation.

Jacinta treats from both our Bowen Hills and Woolloongabba clinics. Her involvement with sports teams include:

  • Broadbeach Cats AFL
  • Lions Academy
  • Junior and Senior Australian Waterskiing Team
Headshot of Physiotherapist Jacinta Carroll

Get To Know Jacinta

I like to treat any sports related injuries and I also like to treat neck injuries.

I worked in a Greek restaurant from the age of 14, or sandblasting and spray painting with my Dad.

Waterskiing, weightlifting or renovating property.

Waterskiing and Olympic Weightlifting

To break 200ft in Waterski Jumping.

Coffee – specifically Latte’s.

I guess Waterski Jumping hahaha.

Getting employed at QSMC :). Being offered a short term contract with West Coast Fever Netball during COVID19.

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Jacinta treats from both our Woolloongabba and Bowen Hills Clinics. To book with Jacinta select your preferred location and then choose Physio on our Booking System. 

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