Performance Assessments

World-leading equipment and detailed insight

Do you want detailed insight into your body’s performance, injury risk and rehabilitation? Our QSMC Testing Centre, powered by VALD Performance, utilises equipment that is trusted by over 850 of the world’s most elite sporting teams, universities and defence departments. Technology that has been long confined to laboratories is now accessible in our clinic. Using the equipment we can:

Image of the NordBord by VALD Performance in the QSMC testing clinic

Real-time feedback in 2 minutes

Unlike other data analysis systems, the VALD Performance products provide real time readouts as users are tested. This creates an invaluable feedback loop for faster learning and decision making. 

Image of a QSMC client during a performance assessment run by Physiotherapist Jess Clarey

If you’re not assessing, you're guessing

A performance assessment using our VALD technology provides you and your practitioner with real-time feedback and results. From the quantitative data, we’re able to compare the strength on each side of your body and identify how you load and distribute force through movement. Your results provide unparalleled insight and help your practitioner to make more informed decisions about the right treatment pathway for you.

By collecting your longitudinal data (meaning test results taken over time) we can monitor improvement and progress towards your goals. Whether they’re achieving pain-free movement, enhanced performance, returning to work or being able to perform day-to-day activities.

Testing and data capture technologies

The VALD Performance products have been developed and designed by a multidisciplinary team of sports scientists, researchers, clinicians and engineers. These products can be used across many disciplines, including strength and conditioning and medical and rehabilitation to provide musculoskeletal and neural understanding. We have four of the VALD Performance products in our testing centre.

An illustrated icon of the NordBoard by VALD Performance

The NordBord testing system is used to measure, understand and improve hamstring strength and injury risk.

An illustrated icon of the ForceDecks by VALD Performance

ForceDecks is one of the world’s fastest and most powerful dual plate systems that analyses neuromuscular strength and movement.

An illustrated icon of the HumanTrack by VALD Performance

HumanTrack is the world’s first 3D camera and IMU-combined motion capture system that assesses movement quality, range, balance and stability.

An illustrated icon of the ForceFrame by VALD Performance

The ForceFrame tests across the upper and lower body analysing isometric strength.

Book a Performance Assessment

If you would like to book a performance assessment please contact our friendly reception team by calling 07 3891 2000 or emailing us at reception@qsmc.net.au. Additionally, leave your details in our form and we’ll get in touch to book in a time that suits you best. 

Performance Assessments are available at our Bowen Hills clinic. 

Suite 2, 16 Thompson Street, Bowen Hills
Located in the Bowen Hills Specialist Medical Centre

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