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Book an appointment at QSMC and find a physiotherapist Coorparoo residents recommend. Our privately-owned clinic provides treatments from two locations located in the Brisbane area. Here, you will find highly acclaimed practitioners who are the best in their field. We’ll work to create a treatment plan right for you and get your body moving in a safe and healthy way. Don’t let stiff joints, aches, and strains control your life. Book a physiotherapy appointment and find out how we can help.

Who Should See A Physiotherapist?

The short answer to this question is anyone struggling with injury, mobility issues, or chronic pain. We are health professionals qualified to administer exercise and massage treatments to increase flexibility and strengthen and repair muscles or joints that are stiff or otherwise compromised. Many of our clients have suffered from sports or other injuries and accidents. Some are office workers who have repetitive strain injuries or stiffness. Others have ongoing medical issues such as chronic pain, arthritis, mental health issues, osteoporosis, flat feet, or neuromuscular diseases.

People often don’t connect what they are feeling in their bodies to a solution like physiotherapy. Many are unaware of the many benefits of physiotherapy (and the related treatments) such as helping to regain strength and mobility in the body.

Focusing On Sports Physiotherapy

Many of our practitioners have achieved excellence in the sports field, both as athletes themselves and as leading physiotherapists to top tier athletes. We have nine practicing APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists employed at our clinics. We have made it our priority to excel in this field because we believe that sports specific therapies help all of our clients, not just elite athletes. If your goal is to achieve the greatest mobility and performance from your body, ask us how we can assist you.

We provide Sports Physiotherapy and Exercises to target your particular area of strain and strengthen those muscles to avoid reinjury or flare ups. We use methods created for sports injuries that account for repeated use and higher amounts of pressure on certain areas. We also offer treatments from sports psychologists who may be able to assist you with relaxation, mindfulness and the strengthening of your mind, which is so important in sports. We also have sports nutritionists, clinical Pilates instructors, podiatrists and remedial massage therapists that are all available to help you reach your goals.

We want you to wake up in the morning knowing that you aren’t held back by physical limitations. We don’t just aim to get you less restricted; we want you to be restriction free! And we will do what it takes to help you achieve this.”

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