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Your Woolloongabba Physiotherapy Clinic

QSMC offers friendly and experienced practitioners to those looking for a trusted Woolloongabba physiotherapy clinic. We offer our services to a wide spectrum of clients from athletes, to those with chronic illnesses, and individuals looking to improve everyday performance. Whatever the reason for your search, we are sure that we can provide the top-level of care that you’re looking for. We deliver not just physiotherapy treatments but a number of services, all aimed at increasing your mobility and flexibility, helping your body recover from injury and strain, and working to strengthen muscles and joints. We employ Brisbane’s leading physiotherapists and exercise physiologists who will create individualised treatment plans tailored to your specific areas of concern.

Helping You Achieve Results

At QSMC, your goals are our goals. Every treatment plan is designed to help you achieve your goals in the safest and most efficient way possible. For a lot of you, your goals will involve getting ‘back to normal’ after an injury. Our priority is to make sure that your body strengthens in a way that will prevent reinjury and allow you to live your life doing the things you love without the fear of straining or reinjuring certain muscles. That’s why we provide the following services to supplement your physio and make sure you walk out of our clinic feeling better than you did before.

About Our Practitioners

Our practitioners work to provide the best care to Woolloongabba physiotherapy patients. They are all highly regarded in their field with a wide breadth of experience and education. Many of our physiotherapists have worked on an international level with the world’s best athletes, including some at the Olympic level. Most have an expertise in specific areas in order to be your go-to physio for any ailment.

Whether you have a back problem, knee, shoulder or pain in any other specific area, chances are we have a dedicated practitioner for it. That’s how we ensure that we can always provide our clients with the care they deserve. While many of our practitioners have concentrated their work or study on athletic injuries, many of our clients come in with non-athletic injuries and feel that they have benefited from having a therapist that has advanced sports therapy knowledge. That’s because they know how to get your body moving for peak performance, and ultimately that is what every client is looking for.

We want you to wake up in the morning knowing that you aren’t held back by physical limitations. We don’t just aim to get you less restricted; we want you to be restriction free! And we will do what it takes to help you achieve this.”

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