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Improve performance with Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology is the study of psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sport. The main purpose of Sport Psychology is to enhance an individual’s athletic performance. Mental skills and strategies help athletes concentrate better, deal more effectively with competitive stress, and practice and train more efficiently. 

Within the last two decades, Sport Psychology has become increasingly popular among athletes, coaches, parents and sports teams. There’s a growing number of athletes, both elite and amateur, who acknowledge their participation in seeking psychological advice. 

Seeing a Sports Psychologist isn’t just for athletes. Anyone involved in high pressure, results-orientated environments such as the performing arts or even the workplace can benefit from seeing a Sports Psychologist.

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Why Sports Psychology?

Performance at any level is determined by a variety of factors including physical, technical, tactical and mental. Many athletes exert all their time and energy into training thinking that it’s enough to succeed. They then question why their efforts in training aren’t enough to attain the results they desired and trained for. What many athlete’s fail to realise is that mental preparation is just as important as the physical. The brain can be trained in the same way physical and technical aspects can. This is what Sport Psychologists can help with.

Train your brain like you'd train your body

Working on your psychological skills and strategies can help you perform at your best every time it counts. Train your brain with the help of one of our Sports Psychologists.

Our Sport Psychology Service

At QSMC, we have renowned and experienced Sport Psychologists from Mental Notes consulting out of our clinics. One-on-one consultations mean that the focus is completely on you and your goals. Our Psychologists have worked with Olympic athletes, world champions and tour winning professionals. So you know you’re in the best hands when it comes to performance coaching, health and well-being or injury rehabilitation.

Performance Coaching

Whether looking to enhance your athletic performance, or improve productivity and results in the workplace, our psychologists can help. Your consultation will include a needs analysis and psychological assessment. This will help us to develop your customised Psychological Skills Training (PST) program. It’s essentially like an exercise program, except for your mind. It will involve cognitive, emotional and behavioural strategies.

Health and Wellbeing

Anyone is at risk of suffering from poor mental health, even successful professionals. A large part of our jobs as Psychologists is to support you through the lows and any events that may become an obstacle in your life. We can help you work through depression, anxiety, eating disorders, injuries, illnesses and low self-esteem. As a multi-disciplinary practice, we work with a range of other health professionals to maximise your recovery and return to your best self.

Injury Rehabilitation

No athlete ever plans to become injured. So when it does happen, it can take a toll on your mental wellbeing and plans. Sometimes it can be hard to cope with and stay positive. However, you don’t have to do it alone. It’s best to remain optimistic when dealing with a physical injury and focus on working on psychological skills and strategies. Think of it as an opportunity to explore the things you usually don’t have time for with a full training and competition schedule. You don’t need to suffer in silence, get help today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Even the world’s top athletes and performers continue to refine their mental approach. It helps to retain optimal performance.

This depends. Some private health insurance schemes provide benefits for psychology consultations with our sports psychologists. Reimbursement of your appointment will depend on the insurer and plan you’re on.

This will depend on many factors. Although coming to your regular consultations is important, so is under-taking mental training at-home and during training. As you can’t master physical skills in one day, the same works for mental skills.

While it can be beneficial to also share your thoughts and feelings with your support group, everything discussed in your appointments with us is confidential. 

Absolutely not. Seeking help from a sports psychologist does not indicate any form of mental weakness. Rather it shows your desire to better yourself personally and in your chosen field.

Book a Sports Psychology Appointment

Our treating Sports Psychologists are from Mental Notes and consult out of our clinic. To book an appointment at our Woolloongabba location, please contact us on the information below.

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812 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba

Find Your Best Performance Zone

Psychological responses of the body when excited or nervous can disadvantage an athlete in crucial moments. Learn to regulate your energy and emotion levels. 

What can I expect in my first appointment?

Everyone is different and has different goals, therefore, there is no universal approach to Sport Psychology. Everyone is treated individually. Your first appointment will be about getting to know you. We will want to gather as much information about you and your personal and professional goals as possible. 

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your mental approach will be the basis of your consultation. From this, we will develop your plan. It will outline how to best develop the skills you need. Some common areas we focus on are goal setting, relaxation, concentration, mindfulness, emotional control, resilience and confidence.

Meet Our Sports Psychologist

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Matt Ahlberg

Sport and Exercise Psychologist

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