Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

tammie Dare

With over 20 years of industry experience and a strong sporting background of Swimming, Netball and State Team Softball, Tammie is a versatile and skilled Physiotherapist. In addition to her passion for sports, Tammie has a particular talent for resolving mid to long term issues and currently works in conjunction with a local neurologist treating headaches. She is a caring and committed problem-solver ready to work with you towards your physical goals.

Her involvement with sports teams includes:

  • Brisbane Lions
  • Squash Australia
  • Queensland Athletics Bayside United Football Club

Tammie treats from our Woolloongabba clinic. 

Get To Know Tammie

I like to treat persistent pain that impacts on sports or activity participation, at any age and any skill level.  I really enjoy treating persistent pain in the neck, shoulder, back, hip or groin.

I worked in a Dessert Bar at a Restaurant and my first Physio job was at the Redcliffe Hospital.

Joining in on anything active the kids are doing… and also maybe studying!

Netball! Firebirds or Lightning – now that one of my good school friends is the coach. 

Netball, Softball and Swimming

Go back to London and Taunton as a family.

I can wiggle my ears! I think Dolph would say I have a special talent for not training hard…

No, but I have to eat the corners and sides of sandwiches first, always.

Every time I find the way through for a patient with their persistent pain by listening to and adapting their ‘gut feeling’

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Tammie treats from our Woolloongabba Clinic. To book with Tammie click book now and select Senior Physiotherapist from the list on our booking system.

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