Image of an Exercise Physiologist showing an exercise to help posture

Tips for Office Workers


As we head back to work for the new year, whether it be armed with resolutions or just a desire to prioritise our health, we want to prepare you with our top tips for office based workers so that you can hang on to that refreshed feeling longer.

Working in an environment where you are sitting for long periods of the day without much movement can increase your risk of chronic disease and injury as well as the development of musculoskeletal issues from repetitive movements involved in working at computers.

It is important in any occupation that you consider all the ways you can increase your incidental movement to make sure you aren’t experiencing prolonged periods without any movement.

Physiotherapist Mardi Watson and Exercise Physiologist Zoe Bauer have prepared in this video, their favourite 3 exercise for helping those of us who sit at a desk for long periods of the day.

Try these exercises and look to increasing your incidental movement to make sure you aren’t slipping into old habits as the work starts to pile up in the coming weeks.

We believe that individualised is always best and you should speak to a health professional to make sure you understand the most appropriate solution for your personal health needs. Come in and speak to one of our experienced physiotherapists for some advice on how you can make your work day more comfortable.

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