Photo of Chris Brady celebrating a Red bull Racing Team win

That Winning Feeling with Red Bull Holden Racing

For his seventh time Jamie Whincup won the V8 Supercars title in Newcastle on Sunday 26th November! Specialist Sports Physiothrapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy in 2009) and Director at QSMC Chris Brady has been working with the team for over 13 years. We sat down with Chris and asked him;

What its like to be with the team when they win something like this?

CHRIS: To be honest, while at a personal level, having success in the championship makes me feel really good, mostly I feel good that I’ve been able to help the team achieve the outcome that we were aiming to do. Having said that, being with that team when we win is exactly the same as it is when we lose. We support each other, and we encourage each other to be the best we can. With this, we share in our victories and our defeats. We have a Sunday night beer either way. Winning just makes it taste a little better.

What do you think sets the team apart?

CHRIS: Red Bull Holden Racing Team is set apart by three factors:

1. Leadership. We have really clear consistent leadership from Mark Dutton and Roland Dane so that every person knows their role and knows what is required of them at all times.

2. Grit. In 2005, 2006, and 2007 we came second in the championship by small margins. This taught us the ability to keep our mind on our own job, and keep a clear head under pressure.  Being calm when everyone else isn’t, is one of this team’s strengths.

3. Passion. Every single member of RBHRT is a racer. From the cooks, to the commercial team, from the Directors to the drivers, everyone loves racing and loves helping get our cars to the pointy end. It takes a team to win a championship.

Some great insight into such a well oiled machine! Well done to the Red Bull Holden Racing Team for a tremendous effort.

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