Cartons of blueberries

3 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas

Scouring the supermarket for quality products can sometimes be a full-time job. Our clients are constantly asking for new options for quality snack foods that are convenient, yet healthy. We put out detective dietitians to work to find some of the most nutritious food options to look out for, and to help take the hard work out of shopping for you. 

Marguerite King adjusting the rowing machine while giving advice to a QSMC client

Rowing Assessments at QSMC

Do you ever struggle to straighten up after you get out of the boat at the end of a session? Do you find that you have forearm issues going between sweep and sculling? These are some very common rowing related musculoskeletal issues which an APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist can help solve…

Snowboarder going down mountain

How To Stay Injury-Free This Ski Season

Whether you’re into skiing or snowboarding, nothing ruins a much-anticipated (and expensive) snow holiday more than being forced off the slope through injury. Get geared up for your next ski season by learning some useful exercises to prepare your body for the snow!

Picture of the QLD Maroons team in the back area

10 Days with the QLD Maroons

On our team at QSMC, we are very lucky to have the QLD Maroons State of Origin Physiotherapist, Rob Godbolt. Rob has worked with the Maroons for the past 3 years and been involved Rugby League for over 17 years. This year he has given us some incredible insights into what happens in the lead up to Game 1 of the 2019 series.

Image of runners during a marathon race

How to Prepare for a Marathon

For many runners, the desire to do a marathon is about personal challenge. For an event in which a three-hour finisher needs more than 32,000 impacts with the ground, it’s crucial for every runner to train appropriately. We’ve put together a few lessons we’ve learnt over the years of looking after runners of all kinds.

A QSMC Physiotherapist providing lower back treatment to a client

Spinal Health

Fact – over 80% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Many of you reading this can probably relate to that. The extent of injury can vary and there’s no taking away that at times it can be serious while at other times we just need to show the back some more love and care.

Learning to Lime Scooter

A lot has been said recently about the introduction of personal mobility devices such as E-Scooters in Brisbane over the last three months. In particular, comments both anecdotal and documented relate to injuries sustained using these machines. Certainly we have been privy to a large number of visits from injured Brisbanites as have many of the local hospital emergency departments.

Mardi Watson helps a client on a pilates reformer in the QSMC clinic

Healthy Hips

Each patient will have different fitness, strength and endurance capacities prior to rehabilitation and the demands of their situation whether it be walking pain free or playing an elite level sport needs to be taken into consideration.

Technique Tips for Running

It’s typical of this time of year that we see a range of health and wellness goals around running and upcoming running events. Whether it be trying to run 5km without a break or training for the Gold Coast Marathon, it is important to plan and train for your running goals appropriately, to avoid injury.

sports medicine

Tips for Office Workers

As we head back to work for the new year, whether it be armed with resolutions or just a desire to prioritise our health, we want to prepare you with our top tips for office based workers so that you can hang on to that refreshed feeling longer.

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